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Harmony with the World Church

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On Sunday, October 14, the General Conference (GC) Executive Committee approved a document, Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions by a vote of 185 to 124. The decision was an extension of a vote by the GC Executive Committee at its October 2017 meeting.
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10/29/2018 Armonía_con_la_Iglesia_Mundial-_Esp.pdf Télécharger
10/29/2018 FINAL_Mystifying_Myths_Eng.pdf Télécharger
10/29/2018 FINAL_Mystifying_Myths_Francais.pdf Télécharger
10/29/2018 Harmonia_com_a_Igreja_Mundial_Port.pdf Télécharger
10/29/2018 Harmony_with_the_World_Church.pdf Télécharger
10/29/2018 MISTIFICANDO_MITOS_portugues.pdf Télécharger
10/29/2018 Perguntas_sobre_o_Documento_Port.pdf Télécharger
10/29/2018 Preguntas_sobre_el_documento_Esp.pdf Télécharger
10/29/2018 Questions_on_the_Document_Voted.pdf Télécharger